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Moving Supplies

At Best Price Boxes, we are dedicated to providing you with only the most affordable packing supplies you could ever ask for. To place an order or to learn more about our latest selection of boxes, contact us today to speak with a member of our team.
"Helping our Environment One Box at a Time"

Bring your boxes to a store and get paid!

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• Please bring in Boxes at least 1 hour before Store Closing.

 All Boxes should be assorted by size and broken down.

Must be Moving Boxes or similar in size (see below dimensions)

If it's not a Moving Box, please call the store for pricing.

 Box Buy-Back Price Ranges

Box Type/Dimensions Buy-Back Price
Small (16x12x12) $0.15
Medium (18x18x16) $0.20
Large (24x18x18 & 18x18x24) $0.25
XL (24x18x24) $0.30
24” Wardrobe with the Bar $1.00
24” Wardrobe without the Bar $0.80
18” Wardrobe with Bar $0.80
16" Wardrobe with Bar $0.60
Laydown Wardrobe $0.35
Lamp Boxes Tall $0.35
Lamp Boxes Regular $0.20
Small Glass Kit Boxes with Cells Included $0.75
Picture/Mirror Boxes $0.10/piece
Dish-Pack Boxes $0.20

The above prices apply to boxes brought to the store.

We sometimes take boxes stuffed with crumpled packing paper depending on our space availability.

If you have boxes that are not moving boxes but may be good for moving, we may be able to buy them if there are several that are the same size. Call for information on bringing in boxes that are not actual moving boxes.

*Attention Business Owners and Warehouse Managers*  

We also buy boxes from businesses.  If you have used boxes that you are throwing away, give us a call, we may be able to buy them.

If you have new boxes you can no longer use, give us a call.
Call Hix at 817-707-1701 or
Call Jim at 214-507-2501 

Contact our packing supply center, to learn more about our latest selection of environmentally friendly moving supplies.